FGCCT Initiatives


The current Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut President, Arlene Field, has embraced the project, “Out with Invasives In with Natives One Yard, One Garden, One Park, One Town, One Trail at a Time”. DRGC member, Suzanne Thompson has modeled this initiative in our local community by teaching us to Nip the Knotweed.


Our club also participated in the initiative set forth by President Jane Waugh of CT Federated, to plant a native oak tree in our town. On April 19, 2016, in conjunction with the local Junior Woman's Club and the tree commission in town, our tree was planted.


The Quercus Bi-color Oak should be a magnificent specimen of a native oak for all to enjoy for years to come.


Duck River Garden Club appreciates the efforts of the CT Federated Garden Clubs and their initiatives. One project has been to educate people about the importance of protecting pollinators, especially butterflies. Addy Rayel, grand-daughter of one of our recent past presidents, received a bouquet of milkweed decorated with hatching butterfly eggs, for her birthday. Ten days later the hatching began and Addy was happy to spread the word about how to help provide a backyard butterfly habitat. Our youth outreach chair Suzanne Thompson has received awards for the past two years due to her work with school children in planting and establishing outdoor learning spaces. Thank you Suzanne!