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New Projects


This past year, Duck River Garden Club made a big move. Our general meeting place was changed from Lymes’ Senior Center, where we had been meeting for many years, to the newly renovated Memorial Town Hall. As an unexpected result, we received publicity in the form of a three-page article in the Old Lyme Events magazine telling about the Club’s Plant Sale in the spring, and the Club’s eight Civic Beautification sites throughout the town. The Town Hall created Holiday Cards this year featuring a photo of one of our wreaths, which graced the main entrance.  Club members are happy with the decision to move our meeting venue. It has made the Club more visible to the town of Old Lyme, which in turn has raised membership.

Site Renovations

Duck River Garden Club is proposing to renovate two more of our seven civic beautification sites. These sites are located on McCurdy Road and the town entrance at Exit 70, I-95N.  Members of the DRGC have been caring for these sites for over 20 years.  The McCurdy Road project will be following the 2017-2019 Federation President’s Theme and Project, “Plant Connecticut – Be a Conservation Champion”. The Exit 70 site will be planted in a new raised bed design using a variety of grasses and perennials. Both sites offer the challenges of poor soil due to winter snow plowing, road chemicals, and the fact that water must be ported into each site.

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